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South Africa / Africa

Guinea African Dance traveled extensively throughout West Africa, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Korea, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the United States. The Dance expresss inner feelings, whether of joy or of sorrow. While the dancing is spontaneous and voluntary, the drumbeat provides the rhythm that holds the dancers together.

Duration: 30 Minutes
No. of Performers: 4
Price: $AUD 600.00


Public Holidays: Yes

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*Guinea African Dance

*Guinea African Dance (South Africa/Africa)

Guinea African Dance traveled extensively throughout West Africa, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Korea, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the United States. The Dance expresss inner feeling...

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*Kulu African Dance

*Kulu African Dance (South Africa/Africa)

Kulu African Dance has built a repertoire that is an exciting West African ancestral tradition. Performances include music and dance of Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, Brazil, Haiti, Cuba and African...

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*African Tribal Dance

*African Tribal Dance (South Africa/Africa)

African dances originated in Africa are performed or just simply practiced to express the African culture and religion. There are dances from many different countries and dances for many different ide...

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WEST AFRICAN DANCE (South Africa/Africa)

African dancers are trained in African dance and drum techniques. All performers are very experienced and had performed in many countries. The Energetic and entertaining, African dance will inspire yo...

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*Central African Dance

*Central African Dance (South Africa/Africa)

The company had performances around Africa and also internationally. Music, songs, drumming, rhythm perception, mime and dance are all encompassed in their performance. They will also show audiences ...

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Sahara Dance

Sahara Dance (Egypt/Africa)

Sahara Dance creats an artful approach to belly dance. They perform a unique blend of modern Egyptian, American and Lebanese style dance styles. ...

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Belly Dance – Princess Jasmina

Belly Dance – Princess Jasmina (Egypt/Africa)

Princess Jasmina has danced in all kinds of belly dancing shows and displays. She continues to perform as a regular professional belly dancing artist in Melbourne club venues, bars, nightclubs, restau...

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Traditional Egypt Belly Dance

Traditional Egypt Belly Dance (Egypt/Africa)

Providing traditional Egypt belly dance, the dance brings out the deeply female art form and celebrates the compelling earthiness and soaring beauty Egypt dance. Accompanying the dance is Eastern Musi...

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Andrea Belly dance

Andrea Belly dance (Egypt/Africa)

"Exotic, mysterious and with a distinctly modern flavour, Belly dancers can perform to contemporary Arabic music with driving electro beats. Perfect for dance parties or to make your guests really sta...

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FLAMENCO DANCE (Australia) (Egypt/Africa)

Combined elements of Middle Eastern Dance and Arabic elements, The dance is the complete antithesis of the internal, spring-loaded, strong, defiant, explosive, masculine character of Flamenco. The sho...

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Dambai Dancing

Dambai Dancing (Sudan/Africa)

We are Southern Sudan Cultural group from the Dinka tribe and we do present traditional cultural songs and dances. We have drummers, singers and dancers. We are based in the Western suburbs Pref...

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Dambai Dancing Group

Dambai Dancing Group (Sudan/Africa)

"Offering authentic Southern Sudan traditional cultural songs and dances. The group includes drummers, singers and dancers. The group’s performances are aimed at showcasing the rich cultural e...

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*The ritual dance of Malawi

*The ritual dance of Malawi (Malawi/Africa)

Gule Wamkulu is both a secret cult and ritual dance practiced among the Chewa people living in Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique. It is performed by members of the Nyau brotherhood, which is a sort of a ...

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*Ghana dance

*Ghana dance (Ghana/Africa)

Ghana dance traditional dances includes all parts of Ghana representing many of the major tribes. The dances included social dances as well as special occasion dances. The dancers' bodies look nothi...

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*Liberia Dance

*Liberia Dance (Liberia/Africa)

Liberian dance company focuses exclusively on the cultures of the ethnic groups that comprise the nation of Liberia. The dance will follow Liberian ethnic traditions, costumes, drums and songs. ...

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